It’s Time for Fall Home Maintenance

home maintenance Fall home maintenance, a very exciting topic because fall means we are fast approaching a reprieve from the heat!
I know, I know. It’s not exactly your ideal way to spend a weekend. But I promise you, you’ll be glad you did. We may not deal with freezing temperatures and snow in Florida, but preparing your home for the cooler season is still a smart idea idea.

Here are my top 4 items to take care of this fall to get your home ready for the cooler weather to come.

1. Care for your trees and shrubs. Pruning unhealthy limbs from your trees will help avoid falling limbs in storms. There are plenty of online resources like this article to help you differentiate between a dangerous limb and a safe, healthy one. You may also want to consider hiring a certified arborist to get a pair of expert eyes on your trees.
2. Prepare your pool. You may not have to close your pool like people in other areas of the country, but there are still a few important things you can do to prepare your pool for fall. You’ll want to test the water quality, lower the water level, and get your pool cleaned from dirt, stains, and calcium deposits that have accumulated over the summer. This will ensure that your pool stays in tip-top shape throughout the season.
3. Schedule your AC and heating system maintenance. Taking care of your maintenance now will ensure that your system is in great shape for the season. Remember that chilly night when your water heater broke? We all have a story like that. Avoid a crisis this year by making sure your system is ready to go ahead of time. Since your AC unit worked so hard during the summer, this is a good time to get the maintenance on that unit done too.
4. Go green. Conduct an energy audit to assess your home’s energy efficiency. Even if your home is newer, there are sure to be opportunities to save energy. The easiest thing to do first is to check your windows and doors for cracks and seal them to prevent drafts. You’ll be more comfortable, have lower bills, and you’ll save energy. To learn more about conducting a home audit yourself, click here.
These tasks won’t take you long, but they’ll make a big difference for your home.

As always, if you or anyone you know is interested in buying or selling real estate, I would love to sit down and discuss how I can help you or a friend find your dream home in the Lakewood Ranch/Bradenton/Sarasota area.

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