Cruise the Sarasota Shores

Sarasota residents get the advantage of some of the most calm boating waters in the country. Boaters can access deep water in the bay or experience the many interesting waterfront amenities and places to explore. Aside from bigger, pricier boats you can also use canoes, dinghies and Jon boats to enjoy boating in the bay.

Places to Explore:

  • Seagrass Snorkeling: Discover a dynamic mix of creatures in seagrass beds, where depths are less than seven feet and sunlight is plentiful.Here’s a resourceyou can use to find great dive sites for snorkeling or scuba diving in the area.
  • Luxury Home Tour: Get the best views of the luxurious homes in Sarasota.You can even set sail on a private or group sailing charter with several different tour options.
  • The Middle Grounds: One of Southwest Florida’s most reliable off shore fishing spots. Get some tips on fishing the Middle Ground, the fish usually caught and what bait to use here.
  • Paddle Trails: Explore the mangrove thickets through kayak and canoe trails. Island Style Watersportsoffers guided tours and stand-up paddle board lessons.
  • Watersports World: Race along Skiers’ Island with the kids in tow on an inflatable raft.Local businesses like Siesta Key Marina offer a variety of boats for rent with half day or full day pricing options.

Remember, purchasing a large ticket item like a boat or car can influence your buying power if you’re thinking about purchasing a home this year. Call me to talk about your options!

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